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Health Ministry issued 2,664 certificates to illegal residents in 2014
March 28, 2015, 8:47 pm

The Ministry of Health issued up to 2,664 birth and death certificates for illegal residents in 2014, the Ministry of Health said on Saturday. Assistant Undersecretary at the Ministry Dr. Mahmoud Al-Abdulhadi said on Saturday, the ministry, in the past year, released 2,509 birth certificates, including 1,300 for male illegal residents and 1,209 for women of this segment of the residents' community, in addition to 155 death certificates.

Total number of certificates that have been issued by the ministry, since issuance of the Law 409/2011, has reached 25,249. The MoH issues these certificates in coordination with the Central Apparatus for Illegal Resident Affairs. 

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