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Health insurance bill for all citizens ready: Al-Harshani
July 27, 2015, 8:17 am

MP Hamad Al-Harshani was recently quoted as saying the health insurance draft law for all citizens is ready, emphasizing members of the Health Committee of the National Assembly has preferred to wait until the members assess the experience of health insurance for retired citizens which is scheduled to come into effect next month, reports Al-Rai daily.

The parliamentarian said the draft law will be discussed during the parliamentary recess and the lawmakers will vote on it during the next legislative term. He indicated, the committee members will assess the experience of health insurance for retired employees to get rid of the negativities, if any, and to amend them before approving the new draft law for all citizens.

He clarified the draft law will focus on providing health care distinctively for all citizens and making it obligatory for the Ministry of Health to float a tender to invite accredited insurance companies.

He stressed, the files of individuals who are insured will remain secret. However, the person who submits deliberate provides wrong information will be punished or uses the health insurance card of other persons.

He added the new draft law covers several health services including medical tests and treatment in public and specialized clinics, in addition to X-rays, lab examinations and surgeries except the cosmetic surgeries.

Source: Arab Times

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