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Heavy licence needed for vehicles carrying over 7 people
December 28, 2016, 8:53 am

Licenses will be issued for all types of Construction and Agricultural Vehicles and Tractors. For Kuwaitis and Gulf citizens, the aforementioned license will be valid for 3 years while the validity period of licenses issued for expatriates and Bedouns holding contact cards will be linked with the validity period of their residencies.

Bedouns without contact cards will have two years valid licenses, noting the abovementioned licenses are all subjected to Article 92 of the decision. (Article 2) Item 3 of Article (87) of Ministerial Decision No. 81/76 is amended as follows: 3- Illegal residents (Bedoun) holding valid security cards and the following are excluded from holding contact cards: A-The sons of Kuwaiti women married to Bedouns. B- Bedouns still serving in the military. C- Bedoun spouse of a Kuwaiti citizen and Bedoun spouse of a Kuwaiti woman.

The second item indicates points to Bedoun amending his status and obtaining permanent residence status and holding a valid service card. Any person who fails the driving test will be given another opportunity to retry within three months after paying the specified fee.

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