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Heavy rains expected in Kuwait by 10 pm today
November 17, 2013, 2:10 pm

Director of Metrological Center at Kuwait Civil Aviation Directorate Mohammad Karam expected the country to witness unstable weather conditions starting today for the next few days, with a chance of thunderstorms and rain. He predicted moderate rain today mostly in southern areas, adding that a cloud cover will develop during night hours today and tomorrow morning, increasing the chances of thunderstorms and heavy rainfall

The unstable conditions will intensify tomorrow as the seasonal Sudan depression advances towards Kuwait, helped by the presence of a cold air mass in the higher atmospheres. The meeting of this depression which is relatively warm and loaded with moisture will form more thunderous clouds causing rain that may be strong in some areas tomorrow morning.

Karam said unstable conditions are expected to continue until Wednesday before conditions start to improve. He advised citizens and expats to monitor these conditions closely, adding the weather department will be on alert and will issue reports continually. Weather and environment expert Essa Ramadan said rain may start falling at dawn today over Kuwait, southern Iraq and Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province. He forecast rain to continue until Wednesday. – KUNA

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