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Hiring of the Auditorium at the Embassy of India
February 23, 2015, 11:11 am

The Embassy has been making available its Auditorium for social, artistic and cultural events since January 2014 to various Indian Associations at a nominal charge.  The user charge is being revised as some of the services needed have been outsourced for better quality.  The revised change is as under: 


Cost without food being served

Cost with food being served

Basic charge for the Auditorium



Cost of cleaning (payable to Kuwait Swedish Cleaning Co.)

KD 75

KD 75

Cost of hiring two Local Security Guards (payable to G4S Security)

KD 48

KD 48

Honorarium to four local staff involved in events

KD 27

KD 27




The above cost structure is for one program of a 4-hour duration.  In addition, a refundable Security deposit of KD100 is required to be paid per program.  In case the Auditorium is required for a longer duration than 4 hours, an additional user charge is to be paid.

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