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Holy month of Ramadan witnesses longest daytime this year
June 15, 2015, 2:14 pm
Ramadan this year will witness the longest daytime, and the shortest night for this year as the summer season will coincide with Ramadan astronomically, Kuwait Civil Aviation meteorologist Essa Ramadan said on Monday.
Meanwhile, next Wednesday will mark what is customarily known as "Guraish" which is the last day of Sha'ban, witnessing preparations for the holy month, astronomer and historian Adel Al-Sa'doun said today. 
Guraish is a happy annual occasion as Muslims prepare for Ramadan in terms of feasts for their families and friends, as well as heading to markets to buy food supplies for the Holy Month. Guraish is a local term meaning "the sound of coins", as people since the old days pay money for buying Ramadan supplies and the coins' ringing sound echoes all over the neighborhoods and markets. 
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