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Hot weather to continue in upcoming days - Meteorologist
September 17, 2015, 1:56 pm

High temperature is expected to continue in Kuwait in the coming days, according to Director of the Meteorological Department Mohammad Karam. Temperatures have risen prominently in the past few days while humidity decreased due to a hot air mass coming from northern Arabian Peninsula (Iraq), while the country is affected by slight to moderate northwesterly winds.

Meanwhile, the Meteorologist noted that hot weather will continue Thursday morning, as the maximum temperature would be between 43 to 45 C, while the minimum is between 28-30 C. 

Winds will be slight to moderate northwesterly ranging from 12 to 35 klm per hour, the sea conditions will be slight to moderate and waves will be 2-4 feet, he added. At night, the weather will be slightly hot with winds ranging between 10-32 klm per hour, with light clouds and a slight to moderate sea with waves between 2-4 feet, the official noted.

As for Friday, Karam said that the maximum temperature will be 43-45 C and the minimum 28-30, while winds will take variant directions to northwesterly with a speed of 8-32 klm per hour with sea waves at 1-4 ft. Weather will remain hot at night with northwesterly winds taking variant direction, ranging from slight to moderate between 8-28 klm per hour, with slight to moderate sea waves between 1-3 ft, said Karam.

Karam expected that the maximum temperature would be between 43 to 45 C and the minimum 27-29 C Saturday morning, with winds taking variant direction ranging between 8-22 klm per hour, and light sea waves at 1-2 ft.

Source: KUNA


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