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Housing issue tops agenda of candidates
November 10, 2016, 1:29 pm

The housing problem in Kuwait is always given top priority by candidates contesting the electoral race due to its economic and social significance on the Kuwaiti society. A number of candidates running for the upcoming parliamentary election due on November 26th emphasized that the housing problem should be solved as soon as possible by setting out fresh blueprints aiming at meeting growing housing demands and creating new cities.

They opined that offering part of state-owned land to applicants would undoubtedly contribute to easing out the housing problem which actually bugs many Kuwaiti families owing to uncontrollably surging flat rentals.

In this context, official Speaker for the Public Authority for Housing Welfare Ibrahim Al-Nashi said that the intensive distribution of lands over the last three years had contributed to cutting the waiting list of land applicants in the country.

He mentioned that the current number of housing applicantions has reached 105,000, saying that more efforts and work are needed. He stated that in fiscal year 2015/2016, some 12,177 units have been distributed, adding that 11,338 more would be distributed during the coming year.

For his part, Abbas Al-Shawwa, an expert on housing problems told KUNA that distributing some 12,000 units yearly is not enough to cover the increasing number of applications accumulated over the past years.

Al-Shawaf urged the government and parliament to work on distributing 20,000 units to solve the problem. He asserted that the housing problem in kuwait still tops citizens' priorities and the upcoming parliament should find ways to end this problem.

The state, in fact, attaches much attention to the housing issue through close cooperation and coordination between the two executive and legislative authorities. This attention was reflected by His Highness the Amir's intervention by giving orders and directives through making available more lands for housing applicants, pointing to his full support to this issue. 

Source: KUNA

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