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Housing loans for March amounts to KD 25 million
April 9, 2015, 12:56 pm

 Value of housing loans for March amounted to KD 25.1 million. up to 1,075 loans. while those disbursed reached KD 30.1 million, Kuwait Credit Bank said on Thursday. The bank said in a statistical report that they included 33 loans for "private units," and the disbursed funds for this category reached KD 2.2 million. the same month. Loans for "governmental units" reached 192, valued at KD 13.2 million, with disbursements amounting to KD 17.1 million. The loans for houses' purchases reached 44, valued at KD 2.7 million, with disbursements amounting KD 2.8 million. while the ones for private housing reached five. KD 67.000. with disbursements reaching KD 207.000. Loans for government houses reached 148. valued at KD 1.2 million, with disbursements up to KD 1.8 million. The USD currently stands at KD 0.300.

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