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Huge cache of arms found on 2 Kuwaitis, GCC citizen
July 5, 2014, 9:21 am

Two Kuwaiti citizens and a GCC national have been arrested in possession of drugs, various types of weapons including a bazooka and live ammunition.

According to a press release issued by the Media Security Department, when the Directorate General for Drug Control received a tip-off about a Kuwaiti citizen in possession of drugs and weapons, a team was formed for investigations.After confirming the information and obtaining a search warrant, the officers raided the suspect’s house and confiscated two assault rifles, three pistols, four hunting guns and a box of ammunition as well as 150 grams of ‘Shabu’ drug and 150 narcotic pills.

During interrogations, the citizen confessed that he obtained the weapons from a GCC national. Securitymen arrested the latter and raided his apartment to find 15 guns, 6 assault rifles and a huge stock of live ammunition.

The GCC national revealed that he was assisting a Kuwaiti citizen. Securitymen arrested the third suspect and raided his house to find the bazooka, 11 assault rifles, a hunting rifle, 8 pistols and a huge stock of live ammunition.

Medial Security Department stressed that all confiscated weapons were unlicensed, adding that the suspects were referred with the confiscated weapons and drugs to the concerned authorities for necessary legal measures against them.

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