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Huge quantity of spoiled food destroyed in continuous raids
June 27, 2016, 8:58 am

The Public Relations Department of Kuwait Municipality has affirmed the continuation of the inspection campaign titled ‘Your Health Matters’ during the Holy Month of Ramadan by the regulatory agencies and emergency teams in all six governorates.

The Hawally emergency team carried out an inspection campaign of bakeries and restaurants in the area during which they issued 15 citations and destroyed 17 kilograms of food items as well as ordered closure of two shops for utilizing space without permission from the municipality.

During a press conference, the department affirmed that the municipality’s campaigns will continue in all areas, particularly in bakeries, locations were food are prepared and shops that sell food items, during and after Ramadan with the aim of safeguarding the health of consumers and ensuring they have access to authentic foodstuffs.

Meanwhile, Director of Hawally Emergency team Riyadh Al-Rabea explained that the campaign carried out by his team kicked off at 3pm and lasted until 6pm. they destroyed 17 kilograms of foodstuffs and issued 15 citations out of which 12 were for employing workers without getting their health certificates, 2 for utilizing space without permission from the municipality and one for selling foodstuffs that do not confirm with health regulations.

The campaign was carried out by Hawally Emergency Team which is headed by Al-Rabea and comprises of inspectors Ali Al-Salem, Waleed Al-Hashem, AbdulKhaliq Abdul Qudous and Adel Al-Essa as well as Public Relations Director Faisal Al-Osaimi and an employee of the Media Department Mohammad Al-Qallaf.

Source: Arab Times

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