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Human Rights Society criticized deportation of expats
April 29, 2015, 1:29 pm

The head of the Kuwait Society for Human Rights Khaled Al-Ajmi strongly criticized yesterday the deportation of expatriates due to traffic violations and described the deportations as a “flagrant violation of human rights”. He added that the move will tarnish the country’s image, particularly since Kuwait has attained the title of a humanitarian center.

These thoughts were released following the decision of the traffic department to deport expatriates driving without a license and its support for deporting foreign drivers with repeated serious traffic offenses. The department also announced recently that it had deported three expatriates who were caught driving without a license.

Ajmi further warned that decisions being considered by the authorities regarding expatriate workers could result in a situation that could possibly have serious consequences for the country. His argument was that some of these decisions breach international treaties and agreements, but he did not specify or provide details about such decisions.

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