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Hundreds more may lose their Kuwaiti citizenship
September 25, 2016, 9:00 am

Following the withdrawal of the citizenship of 51 people who obtained the nationality fraudulently, hundreds of people are expected to be stripped of their citizenship for the same reason.

The source disclosed these people acquired Kuwaiti citizenship illegally with the assistance of a personnel in the General Passports and Citizenship Affairs Department after the country’s liberation from the Iraqi invasion.

The source said the employee took advantage of the fact that the Iraqi forces burned the citizenship files as he added families from neighboring countries, gave them nationality certificates and passports so they became naturalized Kuwaitis.

The source confirmed the next list will not be the last, as several lists will be submitted before the end of this year. The Nationality Law stipulates that if the nationality of the grandfather or the father is withdrawn, the nationality of sons, daughters and grandchildren is withdrawn automatically.

Source: Arab Times

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