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Hundreds turn up in false debt ‘write-off’ report on Net
June 28, 2016, 8:44 am

Hundreds of people, those wanted by law for failure to pay debts or those against whom arrest warrants have been issued for committing financial frauds rushed to the Sentences Enforcement Department in Sulaibiya after someone posted on social media rumors that a committee has been formed to look into these issues and to ‘write-off’ their debts.

However, the officials at the Sentences Enforcement Department informed those who gathered at the department that no such committee exists.

The rumors were based on the fact that a committee was formed by the Ministry of Justice comprising personnel from the General Administration of Sentences Implementation, the Interior Ministry represented by Civil Sentences Enforcement Department and Al-Takaful Social Society for the release of prisoners.

Reportedly, this committee is usually formed in the month of Ramadan every year to review cases of prisoners who have failed to pay debts. The committee has helped release 50 prisoners.

The first rumor spread via an audio record made by a person saying some philanthropists had donated money to pay the debts and those who are indebted should go to the Sentences Enforcement Department building to check on their status. Another message warned that it was a trick and that the authorities had set a trap to arrest those wanted by the law.

Source: Arab Times

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