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Husband admits killing wife in ‘set up’ gas cylinder blast
March 26, 2016, 8:46 am

A Sri-Lankan woman perished and her husband is on admission at a hospital following an orchestrated gas cylinder explosion in their home in Salmiya area, says the Public Relations and Security Media Department of the Interior Ministry.

The husband admitted getting rid of his wife on purpose by first cutting the tube for gas to fill the kitchen and choking his wife before he set fire to her body to make it appear that she died from fire.

He disclosed this to detectives from the Criminal Investigations Department in Salmiya area after they received report about the incident and went to the scene for investigation to determine the cause of explosion by questioning the man about the entire incident.

The husband confessed that he sprinkled kerosene in the kitchen and ran away from the house to ignite and it resulted in his injuries, indicating the fire spread rapidly, so he was unable to escape unhurt.

He admitted plotting to do away with his wife based on a domestic issue and the police and waiting for his condition to improve before filing a premeditated murder case against him.

Source: Arab Times

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