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I Miss You Kuwait
February 22, 2016, 11:34 am

Ambassador of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh
His Excellency Major General Mohammad Ashab Uddin, ndc, psc (Retd)

After my tenure as Ambassador of Bangladesh in Kuwait as I leave, my feeling and emotions are many and multidimensional. I will always remember beautiful Kuwait and its heart touching aspects.

The warmth of bilateral relation between the two countries and its people.
The reminiscence by people of Kuwait about coalition support in Gulf war and liberation of Kuwait and participation of Bangladesh Armed Forces
The Diwaniya and its unique environment and associations.
Frankness and traditional Arab hospitality of the people.
The H.H. Amir’s humanitarian and charismatic approach for the world and special feeling for Bangladesh.
My farewell ‘calls on’ and warmth of H.H. the Amir, H.H. the PM, H.E. the First Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister and other colleagues and friends of diplomatic corps, and Kuwaiti friends.
The making of Kuwait green efforts and its sand dunes.
The warmth of the Bangladeshi expatriates and their dedication, sincerely law abiding approach and efforts for the development of Kuwait and making the bondage and relation between two countries.
I am leaving with contentment and hope and pray for the happiness and prosperity of the people of the Kuwait. At the same time I request and welcome you all to visit our ‘Golden Bangladesh-A country of hope and aspiration’. Almighty Allah gives us all to support and help each other all the time. 

Allah Hafez

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