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IES remains unchallenged in CBSE Class 12 results
June 3, 2013, 10:58 am

 Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has announced the results of AISSCE 2012 (Class 12) results. Indian Educational School (Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan), Kuwait stands on top as usual with their outstanding fruitage of yet another 100 percent in their roll of honour. Over the year, after the induction of the school, no student has been disqualified for higher education from IES.

 56 students had appeared for the Board Examination 2012-13, and all the 56 candidates, for our great pride, have qualified for the higher studies.

 Ahana Sivaskandan scored 100 percent in Chemistry and she stands first in the school with an aggregate of 96.4 percent. The fact that she could place herself on top of all other students in Chemistry in Kuwait, that too without attending tuition for any subject makes us more than elated. Akhil Govind who is in the second position with an aggregate of 95.8 percent also had not attended any tuition, and this too adds to our overwhelming happiness.

 18 students scored 95 percent in English and they are the country toppers in the paper. 61 percent of students are above 90 in English and no one less than 65 percent. Mathematics Department has 36 percent of students who scored above 90 percent for their credit. Whereas 27 percent of the total students are above 90 percent in Science and there is none scoring less than an aggregate of 60 percent. When 36 percent of students are above 90 percent specifically in Biology no one is less than 66 percent. 70 percent of students scored A Grades in Physics and there are 41 percent of students scoring above 90 percent in Chemistry.

 The principal Mr T Premkumar congratulated all the winners and all the members of the staff in the senior secondary school on this significant achievement. He also reiterated the fact the school does not lay the disheartening hands of filtration and sees to it that every student once given admission to school is guided and encouraged to its optimum to work hard to qualify for the higher studies. Moreover, he said, the school does not promote private tuition in any subject. This multiplies the magnitude of their harvest.

N K Ramachandran Menon, Chairman, Bhavan Group of Schools in the Middle East expressed his contentment over the performance of the students. He congratulated all the winners and appreciated the teachers who took the initiative to make this possible. He reminded all the teachers of his golden principle about children that every child is precious for the world and once given love, care and attention he or she will excel in life.

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