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INTERPOL, Kuwait sign travel document accord – Minimizing airport security red tape for security personnel
September 11, 2014, 8:50 am
Lt Gen Sulaiman Al-Fahad (left) and INTERPOL’s Secretary General Ronald Noble

Kuwait and INTERPOL signed an agreement yesterday availing Kuwaiti security personnel to possess INTERPOL’s latest electronically-based travel documents to ease their travel worldwide by minimizing airport security red tape for them, a statement by the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior said.

INTERPOL has developed its first ever travel documents (e-Passport Booklet and e-Identification Card). These are intended to enable officials working for INTERPOL and for its member countries’ National Central Bureaus and law enforcement agencies to travel internationally on official INTERPOL business, by benefiting from visa facilitations granted by member countries when assisting in transnational investigations or urgent deployments.

Kuwait has signed this agreement for its deep value to security personnel tasked with fighting transnational crimes that require quick response and ease of movement, said Lieutenant General Sulaiman Al-Fahad, assistant secretary at Kuwait’s ministry of Interior, in remarks he made to KUNA following signing the agreement with INTERPOL’s Secretary General Ronald Noble.

Noble told KUNA that he considered Kuwait among ITERPOL members that always show great support to the organization’s undertakings, noting that with Kuwait signing today’s agreement it would be very easy for Kuwaiti crime fighters to move around transnationally in their quest to acquit their duties efficiently.

Currently, 76 member countries have already accepted the INTERPOL Travel Document in both its forms (e-Passport Booklet and/or e-Identification Card) to be used in conjunction with a valid national passport. A further 105 countries are also in the process of recognizing these documents within the limits of their national laws.

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