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IPU panels mull drafts on electronic warfare, water management
March 29, 2015, 12:01 pm

Specialized parliamentary committees at the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) held here several draft resolutions, primarily one aiming to form a new water management system. They also discussed a draft resolution on electronic warfare and its serious threats to international peace and security. The meetings were held on the sidelines of the 123rd IPU session held here, with Kuwaiti members of parliament attending.

The President of the Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union (AIPU) and Kuwaiti National Assembly Speaker Marzouq Ali Al-Ghanim is scheduled to address the IPU later today. The Kuwaiti delegation taking part in the IPU conference is led by National Assembly Speaker Marzouq Ali Al-Ghanim and includes MPs Faisal Al Shayae, Dr. Awda Al-Rowaey, Saleh Ashour, Dr. Khalil Abdullah, Saif Al-Azmi, Madi Al-Hajeri and National Assembly Secretary General Allam Al-Kandari.

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