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IT indispensable for humanitarian relief aid operations - Al-Barjas
February 12, 2014, 9:17 am

Information Technology (IT) can be very handy in speeding up communication at times of natural disasters or humanitarian crises, said Chairman of the Kuwait Red Crescent Society (KRCS) Barjas Humoud Al-Barjas at a meeting here on Tuesday.

IT enables relief aid responders to collate information quickly about a certain humanitarian situation and strategize how to handle it with speed and efficiency, said Al-Barjas in a speech opening the second annual meeting for IT leaders in the Arab World.

With that kind of IT information, dealing with either natural disasters or humanitarian crisis by relief aid organizations such as KRCS becomes a manageable task with rewarding results, he said.
He asserted that the relief aid organization he heads uses IT as a pivotal tool in its whisking off aid to disaster-stricken regions anywhere in the world and all that is being carried out by Kuwaiti nationals, a fact he relishes with pride.

Addressing the meeting today also was Secretary General of the Arab Red-Cross-Red-Crescent Societies Abdullah Al-Haza'a who noted that the three-day meeting here would cover a gamut of related issues, all pouring into the notion that relief aid and humanitarian assistance worldwide could not do without enormous reliance on the convenience of IT.

Attending this event for three days are relief aid representatives of 15 Arab and African countries in addition to those of regional and international organizations.

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