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Illiteracy rate noticeably high in Kuwait, PACI issues report
September 20, 2015, 9:01 am

The illiteracy rate is noticeably high in Kuwait even though the country spends a huge part of its budget on education. Majority of the Kuwaiti population is either illiterate or can only read and write but do not possess any educational certificates or whose skills in both reading and writing have not been measured.

The holders of intermediate level certificates are in second place while graduates and post graduates are in last place. According to a statistical report issued by the Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI) for the current year, about 133,473 people in Kuwait are illiterate and 902,492 people can read and write but do not possess any educational certificate.

The report targeted people of ages 10 to 64 years, indicating that there are about 231,989 holders of university certificates until June 2015, which is a small number compared to 899,608 people who hold intermediate level certificates and 377,000 people who hold elementary level certificates.

It also revealed that about 10,721 people hold certificates of higher education level such as masters and PhD while the number of holders of secondary school certificate is 440,536 people and the number of diploma certificate holders is about 144,172 people. It added that the status of remaining 414,000 people is unknown.

Source: Arab Times

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