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Indian Ambassador inaugurates Indian Property Exhibition at Holiday Inn, Salmiya
September 19, 2014, 3:27 pm

India Property Exhibition 2014, one of the largest displays of Indian real-estate in recent time, was inaugurated on Friday, 19 September, at the Holiday Inn Salmiya, by His Excellency Sunil Jain, Ambassador of India to Kuwait.

Prominent businessmen, leading community members, exhibitors and a large crowd of eager visitors to the exhibition, witnessed the inauguration ceremony. The two-day property show, which will remain open from 10.45am to 8.30pm on both days, showcases over 100 ongoing and upcoming projects from reputed developers and builders across India.

The property exhibition, which provides NRIs in Kuwait with the ability to interact directly with builders and developers of some of the finest properties in India, caters to a rising demand among different segments of the Indian community in Kuwait for reliable residential and investment opportunities. The India Property Exhibition 2014 presents under one roof, luxury villas, affordable apartments, farm houses, beach properties and much more, from specially selected, trusted builders.

Designed to please people with different lifestyles and budgets through a multitude of choices, pricing plans and payment options, the India Property Exhibition 2014 is specifically conceptualized and tailored to meet the needs and aspiration of NRIs living in Kuwait. Besides showcasing the wide availability and choice of properties in various segments, the exhibition also points to the enormous investment potential that Indian real estate has in terms of growth.

The expansion of cities across India, increasing economic development and job opportunities, rising migrant population to cities and implementation of large-scale infrastructure projects to cater to the needs of these fast developing cities, have helped boost the $12 billion Indian real estate sector. Demand for housing in India’s top cities is estimated to be three times higher than supply, and is predicted to remain so going well into the immediate future.

Improving construction quality, enhanced market transparency, availability of suitable choices and a variety of financing options have made real estate a good asset class to invest in. It provides a stable and predictable income yield along with a possibility of capital appreciation. While residential markets in India have already witnessed a rapid bounce back, commercial markets often considered a key indicator of economic activity, have begun showing signs of revival since the new government took power.

Another significant development in the real estate sector is the proliferation of property management service companies to service retail clients. This has been a long-felt need among NRIs who are away from the country and are looking for a professionally managed company to take care of their real estate assets during their absence  from India.

Taking into consideration the lucrative potential of investment in the rapidly growing Indian real-estate market, with its current high returns on investments, the plethora of options, the favorable dinar to rupee exchange rate, the ease of securing home loans and real-estate value appreciation, the India Property Exhibition 2014 is proving to be a remarkable opportunity for NRIs in Kuwait to seriously examine investing in Indian real-estate.

The India Property Exhibition 2014 is organized by Indus Fairs & Events (India) Pvt. Ltd in association with Response Events, Kuwait.

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