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Indian Embassy advisory to its community members
June 20, 2014, 10:55 pm

In our effort to reach out to the local police authorities to develop link between Indian Community and Police, Counsellor Shri B K Upadhyay in the Indian Embassy along with community representatives recently met the Officer-in-charge of 4 police stations where the Indians are residing in large numbers i.e. Abbasiya, Fahaheel, Farwaniya, and Salmiya. During the interactions, a wide range of issues were discussed to improve security and better coordination.

Based on discussion with the police officers, following advice is given to Indian community:-

(i) The major issue which was highlighted by community related to checking by persons impersonating as police officers. It was informed that Indians are being duped by using the confiscated civil IDs by way of making big purchase. It is advised to seek the police ID from the persons posing as policemen. During the meeting, the police officers informed that the real police would always show the Police ID and in case of any resistance, chances are that the persons are impersonating. As a standard practice worldwide, the police must show ID when in civil dress and even in Uniform. In case of doubt, one is advised to approach the concerned police station and verify the fact.

(ii) Whenever one is visiting Police Station related to reporting of crime and any follow up, an Arabic knowing friend should be taken along. The Indian community representatives have been requested to give list of Arabic speaking Indians, who can volunteer to help an Indian when such a need arises.

(iii) Various instances have come to notice when Indian nationals were duped for signing in Arabic written papers. Police authorities have advised that if those who do not know Arabic language, should not sign any paper which is in Arabic. It is advised to take an Arabic-knowing person with you who can inform you about the content of the letter. The law authorizes a person not to sign if he/she is not aware of the content of letter. Similarly giving blank signed bank cheques and one’s passport as surety to someone else is improper.

(iv) Several instances have come to notice in Khaitan, Salmiya, Shuwaikh, etc when the workers were waiting on footpath for daily wages work. Such persons are generally detained during security checking by the police and deported. Such persons are generally on domestic visa and working outside is illegal. If someone is not getting job, better remain in the house. Don’t roam freely for searching jobs on road.

(v) Police authorities are ready to meet community representatives at regular intervals. Hence Indian embassy would like to advise the Indian community representatives to meet regularly with the police authorities which would create better understanding and coordination. Embassy would be happy to coordinate such efforts of the Indian community.

(vi) All must abide by the local laws and regulations regarding prohibition of alcohol in the State of Kuwait.

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