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Indian Embassy announces the Indian Government's NPS scheme for NRIs
August 4, 2015, 5:29 pm

The Government of India has launched the National Pension System (NPS) for the benefit of 10 million Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) so as to provide old age security to Indians, both in India and abroad. Recently, in this regard, Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA) held a conference on NPS for NRIs at New Delhi, where based on discussions with the various stakeholders, following steps towards making NPS available to NRIs were taken.

a. Upload of the FAQs specific to NPS for NRI segment.
b. Simplification of the application form of NPS for NRIs and its upload on our website.
c. Streamlining the distribution channel for operationalizing the scheme through the Bank branches doing/ authorized to do NRI business.
d. Developing specific communication strategy for promoting the scheme.
e. Information emailers to various non-resident Indian associations.

The details of NPS for NRIs are enclosed (which includes eligibility, source of contribution, contributions in NPS, salient features of Investment choices, Salient Features of Fund Management Schemes, Exit & Withdrawal Rules, 7-step Registration procedure, etc.).

For any clarification/ further details, please contact Mrs. Mamta Rohit, Chief General Manager, PFRDA e-mail:; (ii) Mr. Akhilesh Kumar, Deputy General Manager, PFRDA, e-mail:; (iii) Mrs. Sumeet Kaur Kapoor, General Manager, PFRDA, e-mail:; telephone: +91-11-26897937.

Details on the NPS are also available on PFRDA’s website:
The Embassy requests all the Presidents and Secretaries of the Associations to disseminate the information amongst all the members of the associations/communities and bring awareness with wide publicity about NPS for NRIs.

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