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Indian Embassy responds to complaints
October 4, 2015, 11:03 am

The Embassy received in June 2015 written complaints from several Indian nationals in Kuwait alleging cheating and fraud committed by one Mr. Omanakuttan Edayanisseril Bhaskaran, an Indian national residing in Kuwait by falsely promising jobs in Kuwait by taking money from these complainants.

The complainants appealed to the Embassy for taking urgent action against the alleged culprit. The Embassy immediately took up the issue with the Kuwaiti authorities for carrying out investigations against Mr. Omanakuttan for alleged crime.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Kuwait vide their Note Verbale No. 13/9101 dated 6 September 2015 has  intimated that they have conducted necessary investigations in the matter. However, the concerned authorities have requested that affected persons in the case may register their complaints for legal action, thereby enabling the local authorities to take further necessary action in the case.

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