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Indian Embassy responds to suggestions
February 28, 2015, 4:34 pm

The Embassy of India would like to respond to the various suggestions/remarks,  received from the Indian Community in Kuwait to further improve the services of the Embassy:-





To provide a needful help for domestic workers.

Regarding domestic workers who are treated very badly in Kuwait, the Embassy would like to inform that there is a dedicated Labour Wing which looks after the Indian community. The Embassy has been regularly taking up the issue of ill-treatment of domestic workers with the local authorities. The Embassy is providing shelters to distressed male & female domestic workers.


To pay for services by Debit and Credit cards

The Embassy has already introduced a system of paying by Debit cards. There is an option to pay either through cash or K-net facility.


To reduce/cancel Indian Public Holidays

There is a system in place to facilitate the work of the people who come for Consular Services on all Gazetted Holidays and also on week-ends. But due to the sensitivities involved, the Embassy cannot cancel Indian Holidays.


Rent for accommodation is increasing day by day.

The Embassy cannot interfere in the matter of rent for accommodation because we have to follow the law of the land.


Allow NRIs to apply for PAN & Aadhar cards.

The Embassy is working out modalities with the concerned authorities in India so that the NRIs can apply for PAN & Aadhar cards. But this will take some time.


Stopping of Indian house maids to Kuwait

Indian housemaids are continuing to come to Kuwait for work through private recruitment agencies over which Ministry of Overseas Indians (MOIA), Government of India has limited control.


Opening of an Indian Bank and NRI quota in various Exams.

The Embassy cannot do anything as regards opening of an Indian bank and NRI quota in UPSC and PSC exams.


Additional counters in the Embassy for quicker Consular Services.

To improve our services, the Embassy is exploring the possibilities of increasing its staff strength to improve our consular services and increased work pressure. Number of working hours (8 hours) cannot be increased.


Introduce E-voting from Kuwait

Being examined for implementation.


Reduce fees of various consular services like Visa, Passport, Attestation etc.

With regard to various charges for Consular services, the Embassy has no control as these are  fixed all over the world as per the orders of the Government of India.


Reduction of charges for correspondence courses.

The charges for correspondence courses are perceived to be expensive as Courier and Postal charges outside India are very high, apart from  over-head expenses.


Sale of Indian Postal Stamps and Revenue stamps in the Mission

The Embassy is examining the possibility of the sale of Indian Postal stamps and Revenue stamps.


Training embassy staff and to be polite in public dealing.

Training of staff is a continuous process and everyone in the Mission have been advised to be courteous and polite so that the public feels comfortable. Contact details of the staff are available on the Website under heading of “Embassy Team and its Tasks”. 


Lack of Parking space in front of Indian Embassy

Regarding parking space, the Embassy has its limitations. But the Mission is trying to solve it with the help of neighbouring Embassies who are based in Diplomatic Enclave.


Introduction of suitable Insurance scheme for Indian Expats

All concerned are advised to get in touch with LIC and Oriental Insurance whose details and other relevant conditions are available on the Embassy’s Website.


Hold public meetings regularly at different locations

The Embassy has its limitations due to shortage of manpower and increased work pressure. But the Embassy has a system of Open Durbars where anyone can come without prior appointment. Details are available on the Embassy’s Website.


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