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Indian Embassy to speed up repatriation of mortal remains
October 15, 2014, 10:04 am

Police investigations, formalities by local sponsors, non-availability of flights and intervening holidays reasons for 21 delayed repatriations

In its efforts to assist in the earliest repatriation of mortal remains of Indian nationals who die in Kuwait, the Indian Embassy has accounted for their swift repatriation back to homeland. Since cremation facilities are not permitted in Kuwait, it becomes necessary that many bodies are airlifted to India for final rites.

Last year, 533 Indian nationals died in Kuwait. During last three months (July-September 2014), there were 158 deaths of Indians in Kuwait. Mortal remains of 125 Indian nationals were airlifted to India. The remaining 33 were buried in Kuwait as per the wishes of their family members. From those sent to India, 104 were transported within one to five days of reporting the death to the Embassy (three days being the average time taken for transportation of the mortal remains). 

The deportation of mortal remains of 21 deceased persons, however, took longer time  from six to 25 days. Delays in 21 cases occurred as police investigations were required to be conducted in cases of suicides, murders and traffic accidents.  In some cases, local sponsors took time to complete formalities. Non-availability of flights and intervening holidays were among the other reasons contributing to delays in repatriation of mortal remains of Indian nationals from Kuwait. 

Complete data of Indian nationals who have died in Kuwait since 1 July 2014 is available on the website of Embassy of India.

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