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Indian Frontliners’ founder conferred award
April 3, 2014, 9:57 am

Writer N.C. Mohandoss the founder of Indian Frontliners, will be conferred with the Doctorate Award from the International Tamil University USA on 6th April, 2014. The doctorate is for literature and community services.

Mr. Mohandoss richly deserves this recognition and award for his humane service towards the community and literature. Well-wishers are happy that such a well-known University has recognized his hard work, sincerity, humane qualities and dedication.

His first work appeared in the magazine of St. Joseph's College where he did his B.Sc. Since then he has written 150 novels, more than 400 short stories, 23 novelettes, more than 3000 articles and 4 TV dramas. He has to his credit more than 100 books published and his works have appeared in all leading Tamil magazines and newspapers.

Modest and self-effacing, Mr. Mohandoss devotes all his efforts solely to writing and attributes his inspiration to the popular 'Thuglak' magazine and reveres 'Saavi' who encouraged him to write more and more.  His success is also due to the efforts of Mr. Ramesh of 'Dina Malar' and the constant support and guidance of his friend, Mr. Manohar.

Mohandoss is inspired by true life incidents and many people flock to him narrating their experiences and requesting him to write their stories. His telling of life accounts has been very popular with the readers and has evoked wide appreciation.

Since 1994 he has been working at Kuwait National Petroleum Company and says that his success is due to the support, patience and guidance of his wife Arulmozhi, and their only daughter Vinu, who reflects his ambitions and aspirations in every way. Recently, he was honoured by Dr. Abdul Kalam for his community services in a function held at Chennai.

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