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Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi gang of gas cylinder thieves busted
February 23, 2017, 8:49 am

Five Asian expatriates — two Indians, two Pakistanis and one Bangladeshi — were arrested for stealing gas cylinders from houses and restaurants. In a press statement issued by Ministry of Interior, the General Department of Public Relations and Security Media explained that several cases were filed against unknown masked individuals who stole gas cylinders from various houses and restaurants.

This prompted the Farwaniya Security Command to form a task force to find and arrest the masked thieves. They managed to identify the ring leader, a Bangladeshi expatriate, and eventually managed to arrest the entire gang of five in a trap.

The five suspects confessed to their crimes, revealing that they steal gas cylinders and resell them to restaurants. They led the officers to the location where they stored the cylinders. Officers confiscated a total of 70 gas cylinders from the location. The suspects were referred with the confiscated gas cylinders to the concerned authorities for necessary legal measures.

Source: Arab Times

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