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Indian embassy releases advisory on transportation of mortal remains
July 25, 2015, 3:19 pm

Steps to be taken for transportation of human mortal remains  to India

Contact Consular Wing (Tel: 22530600 ext. 271 / 244) with a copy each of the (a) Passport / Civil identity card of the deceased, (b) Death Report issued by the hospital authorities / mortuary (c)  Civil Identity Card of the person intimating the death to the Embassy and (d) letter from the employer (in case of company workers).

The Embassy will issue an authority letter in favour of the next of kin of deceased for collection of death certificate, passport, police report etc. from local authorities.

In an instance of police case, to approach police station to collect clearance from the police authorities.

To approach death and birth registration office of the area in which the deceased died, for obtaining the death certificate.

To approach death and birth registration office, Maidan Hawalli behind Police Station, either for collecting the death certificate or endorsing the death certificate issued by death and birth registration office of other governates.

Death certificate issued by birth and death registration office. Endorsed by Main office of birth and death registration office (Maidan Hawalli). This is required to be attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Consular Section, located at Shuwaikh which is next to Kuwait News Agency Building or Liberation Tower in Murgab.

 After attestation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the death certificate is required to be translated into English by any authorized translator in Kuwait.

To approach Embassy for registration of death:  The following documents are required for registration of death in the Embassy.

   (a) Original Passport of the deceased
   (b) Passport copy of the deceased
   (c) Death certificate in duplicate, duly attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the State of Kuwait.
  (d) Translation of death certificate. (Duplicate)
  (e) Two copies of Police report. (in case of accidental death)

To approach any airlines and obtain ticket / airway bill with confirmed date and time for air-lifting of mortal remains. If you wish to send by Air India, please contact Mr. Rajendran from House of Travels, Tel: 24315538 /48 Mob: 66588786,    Mr. Najib Mobile: 99531193, Mr. Jaffer  Mobile:. 60744460.

Approach Al- Sabah Hospital (mortuary) for obtaining appointment for sealing of coffin box. The doctor will issue three slips (1) for Farwaniya mortuary or  hospital where the body is kept for transfer of dead body to Sabah Hospital (ii) in-charge of coffin box (iii) Indian Embassy, Kuwait.

Approach the Embassy with the doctor’s slip along with a copy of airway bill and passport copy of the deceased.

After sealing of the coffin box doctor will issue embalming certificate in Arabic which is to be translated into English and hand it over to the concerned representative of the airlines.

To approach three hours before the flight time to Al- Sabah Hospital main block for ambulance for transportation of the coffin box from the hospital’s mortuary to the airport.

The above procedures/steps can also be seen on the following link :-   

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