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Indian maid wins freedom from ‘torture’
January 15, 2015, 7:24 am

Badly beaten, bruised and tortured - physically and mentally, Yella Jyothi, an Indian maid escaped from her sponsor’s house and sought the help of the Indian Embassy when she could no longer bear the harassment. In a handwritten complaint to the Embassy, Jyothi said, she arrived to work at her sponsor’s home two years ago. During the first five months life was hell for her because she did not understand the language.

According to Arab Times report, The sponsor’s wife continued to nag at her and finally took to assaulting her and at times even refused to feed her. She went on to say, she even burned her face with electric iron and attempted to stab her in the neck on one occasion.

Beatings became the order of the day until she became immune to ‘punishment’. She virtually held her a prisoner Yella Jyothi within the four walls of the house and did not allow her even to throw out the garbage fearing she may escape and file a complaint against her sponsor. “One day when my madam forgot to lock the main door, I took the opportunity and escaped from the house and with help from passerby went to the Indian Embassy,” she stated in her complaint.

When the Embassy summoned the sponsor, he stood the ground and accused the maid of running away from the house and threatened to file an array of complaints against her at a local police station. When he was reminded of the torture marks on her body, he realized he was fighting a losing battle and finally relented and handed over her passport and one-way ticket to India. However, he refused to pay her three months salary,

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