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Indians embassy releases advisory on requesting embassy assistance
April 5, 2017, 3:04 pm

The Indian Embassy has noticed that some Indian nationals in Kuwait send e-mails/Whatsapp messages seeking the Embassy’s help without giving requisite details about their passport number, civil ID number, full name, address and  their own phone number as well as those of employer/sponsor etc.

Indian nationals are advised again that in case of any problem or dispute with the employer/sponsor or any other kind of difficulty in traveling to India, issue of Emergency passport, etc. should come to the Embassy and register their complaints giving full details such as name of employer, address, phone number, photocopy of passport and Iqama etc.

In case, they are unable to come to the Embassy, they should contact the Embassy  giving personal particulars and telephone number of self or any friend or relative by e-mail on the following  e-mail addresses:, 

It remains the Embassy’s endeavour  to provide all possible help to the members of Indian community in distress.       

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