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Indians express their feelings on India’s 66th Republic Day
January 26, 2015, 2:47 pm

On India’s Republic day, the country celebrates the creation of its constitution on 26 January, 1950 that set down the foundation for a sovereign, socialist, secular and democratic republic. No matter where they reside in the world, Indians proudly celebrate their Republic Day and the country’s achievements through the years. The Times Kuwait spoke with a few members of the Indian community in Kuwait to hear about their views on the country’s Republic Day.

On the country’s achievements: Inacio Jacob Fernandes from South Goa, who has been working for 32 years in Kuwait in the banking industry, said the country’s growth in the communication sector was a great accomplishment. While Michael D’Souza, who has also worked for three years in the banking sector, listed Goan Statehood, Foreign exchange relaxations and the Make in India campaign as his choice for the country’s main achievements. On a serious note, he added that India’s future will not be very bright unless severe punishments are introduced for corruption, rape, murders and other heinous crimes.

On status of women in India: Many member of the community consider the seriousness of crimes against women and feel India can do more to secure the safety of young girls and women, they believe stronger judicial laws are required. Ayesha Sinha from Bihar, who works as a web designer, feels that there should be more women in top posts. Crystal, a student, says that she hopes Indians learn to be civilized and respect each one's gender. “The powerful men in our country should back the women and start a movement to stop rape in the country and provide food and water to the underprivileged,” she added, “I also hope that more cancer cases in TATA hospital get treated and patients do not have to sleep on the footpath.”

On the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi: Among the Indians that spoke to The Times Kuwait, there were few who were unanimous that the electing of Narendra Modi as Prime Minister was a remarkable historic feat. Many are optimistic that he will lead the country forward. C.P. Rajiv Menon, a Line Manager from Hanjin Shipping from Kerala, believes that Modi is a “dynamic leader for our country” and hopes that he lives up to expectations and leads a country without any corruption.

On hopes for India’s future: Sindhu Rajiv Menon, also from Kerala, reflects the positive and idealistic views shared by Indians across the world. Emphasizing the role of Indians in the celebrations, she said that the sense of patriotism and oneness contributes to the celebratory mood, particularly during the republic day parade. She went on to add that India can remember its freedom fighters, but it should also pay attention to its soldiers and defence people, who are on the borders safeguarding citizens, so they can enjoy their lives without any fear. She added, “I hope and wish, our country is named and counted among the most secular and democratic countries in the world and that one day we serve as an example for our humanity and our strong civic sense.”

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