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August 15, 2018, 3:54 pm

A thriving dining restaurant that presents a varied and rich menu of Indian and Kuwaiti cuisine. The flavors are massive and very pronounced in their signature dishes and popular ones to suit Indian culinary affections. The Indigo's signature lentil curry cooked with black lentils makes quite an impression. Fulfill your cravings with either their yummy Paneer Saag Malai or Gobi 65, each satisfying your taste buds.  In the mood for vegetarian, options include the Nilgiri Pulao that is very satisfying as is their Vegan Shammi Patties. Their meat options come perfectly blended with spices, like the Tandoori Fish Tikka, charbroiled chunks of fish marinated with a combination of pounded spices. Experience Indian food like nowhere else!

Popular dish:  Shank of Lamb
Location: Located at Kuwait City; Call: 22660300/22660500


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