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Info. Min. describes current Arab situation as 'difficult'
March 22, 2014, 9:25 am

Information Minister and Minister of State for Youth Affairs Sheikh Salman Sabah Al-Salem Al-Humoud Al-Sabah described here on Friday the current Arab situation as "difficult", hoping the Arab summit would come up with positive results that would contribute to the best for the Arab countries.

Sheikh Salman said during a meeting with a group of media figures participating in the 25th Arab summit due here on March 25-26 that the rapid developments taking place in the Arab world "requires us to strengthen solidarity and joint Arab action in all fields, particularly economic and political ones." He expressed optimism that the Arab summit would take applicable decisions on strengthening Arab economic cooperation, as well as with regard to the Palestinian issue and the Syrian crisis, stressing Kuwait's keenness to follow up on the implementation of political and economic decisions, especially after the Summit.

Sheikh Salman stressed the importance of the meetings that will be held on the sidelines of the summit in Kuwait aimed to strengthen Arab solidarity and cooperation in the future by discussing strategic issues of concern to Arab affairs.

He said that Kuwait, through hosting and chairing the summit, is capable through cooperation with the Arab brothers to strengthen the unity of the "Arab house", pointing out that the theme of the Summit (Summit of solidarity for a better future) makes everyone to be optimistic on promotion of solidarity that will only be achieved in cooperation and integration away from any dispute.

He stressed the need for the Arab countries to strengthen solidarity and closeness with each other, especially in the political and economic fields as a substrate for the development as the Arab region is witnessing numerous challenges and risks.

Sheikh Salman expressed hope that Egypt would recover its leading role in the region as Egypt represents the strategic depth to Kuwait and the Arab countries.
He pointed to Egypt's historical role in the struggle and resistance during previous wars.

On the Iranian file, Sheikh Salman described the agreement reached between Iran with the 5+1 Group as a "positive step".
He stressed Kuwait's keenness to keep the Middle East region a zone free of weapons of mass destruction.

On terrorism, the minister said that terrorism is a global threat that was a result of conditions related to "intellectual disorder", stressing the need to consolidate Arab cooperation in all spheres.

On the Kuwaiti media, the minister said that the Kuwaiti media has always been present in the region but needs to be developed every now and then, stemming from Kuwait's belief in the importance of the media to play an influential role.

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