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Information Ministry's engineering department plans to end services of expat staff
April 23, 2016, 9:21 am

The engineering department of Ministry of Information is planning to end the services of dozens of expatriate staff who are employed on contract basis, reports Al-Rai daily quoting informed sources.

They indicated that the decision will come into effect from May next year, clarifying that the decision is based on several reasons including lack of need for their services and the fact that some of them work in other locations.

Meanwhile, Ministry of Electricity and Water has requested a budget of KD 2.153 billion for the fiscal year of 2016/2017, reports Aljarida daily quoting informed sources. They explained that the budget is divided into five chapters –

The first chapter is for salaries for which more than KD 331,355,000 is required.

The second chapter is for goods and services for which KD 1,142,064,000 is required.

The third chapter is for transportation, equipment and preparations for which KD 3,718,000 is needed.

The fourth chapter is for construction projects and maintenance for which KD 675 million is needed.

The fifth chapter requires KD 909,000 for transfer payments.

The sources indicated that the ministry’s budget last year was KD 2,626,423,000, adding that the budget is lesser this year because of the state’s expenditure rationalization policy.

Source: Arab Times

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