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Injured recall Mosque carnage
June 29, 2015, 10:35 am

Hussain AbdulNabi Al- Qattan, 81, a famous Hussainya Sheikh and a patient and bomb victim on admission on the fourth floor at the Amiri Hospital can only remember the Sujud in the prayer before the bomber struck. He told Arab Times that in the last rak’at of the prayer, his heart and soul were completely with God so all he remembers was that he was in the hospital.

Hussain commands a Hussainiya and Mansouriya sects of the Shiite faith in Kuwait. His title is Sheikh Al-Awhad. He advises people from all walks of life. Sheikh Al-Awhad had ball bearings removed from his left arm and thigh.

The suicide bombers usually use ball bearings and other explosive materials to ensure as many people as possible are killed from one single bombing. Sheikh Al-Awhad said the bombing instead of deterring him and his colleagues from congregational prayers, will rather strengthen their resolve because all they are doing is worship God and nothing can stop that. “They have tried to weaken our resolve in Iraq, Syria and other places without success, so what happened in Kuwait can only strengthen our determination to worship our God in the congregation,” he said.

On the other hand, 9-year-old Ali Mohammad Al-Khawaja receiving treatment for an injured wrist lost the father in the bombing but his mother has not yet informed him about the loss since he also has his wrist to worry about. Ali seemed in high spirits and hopes to be discharged soon. But Saleh Ali Al-Hazeem didn’t have much to cheer about as he was recovering from a badly burnt face from the bombing.

He said the only thing he remembers is that at the end of the prayers he felt some heat and woke up in the darkness. “My brother showed me the bomber who was very close to me. I saw the exit far away and tried to move towards it and that’s where I saw dead bodies surrounding me. I tried crawling then I stood up and walked to the exit where I examined myself and saw that I was burned extensively in the face and hands with some ball bearings still lodged in my thigh.” “Death is nothing bad for us; it’s something we seek, so they cannot defeat us with these bombings. I see Kuwaitis united more than ever, and this reminds me of 1990 during the invasion, I didn’t think I will see that twice in my lifetime.”

Meanwhile, the bomber, who blew up himself and at least 27 other worshippers in the Shiite mosque in Sawaber, has been identified as a Saudi citizen who got off the plane only hours before he carried out the bombing in the mosque.

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