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Injuries sustained in different incidents following quarrels
May 9, 2017, 10:12 am
An unidentified Egyptian has filed a complaint with the police accusing a Kuwaiti of assaulting him and stabbing him with a knife. According to the complainant the Kuwaiti hired him and his compatriot to paint his house and while working the Kuwaiti picked up an argument with them. He then lost his temper, beat both of them and stabbed him with a knife and escaped. Police are looking for the suspect.
Meanwhile, two Kuwaiti citizens sustained injuries when a huge quarrel broke out between them in Riggae area over “staring”. According to security sources, securitymen and paramedics rushed to the area after receiving information about the quarrel from passersby. Upon arrival, they discovered that a group of bystanders managed to settle the quarrel and referred the injured citizens to the nearest hospital for treatment. Securitymen rushed to the hospital and conducted investigations to discover the quarrel began with an argument when one of them glared at the other, which then developed into a physical attack. Necessary action was taken against the two suspects.
Meanwhile, a Bangladeshi expatriate sustained injuries when he was hit by another with an iron rod during a quarrel between them in Riggae area over some former disputes. He was taken to Farwaniya Hospital and securitymen took necessary steps to deal with the incident.
In another incident, a Kuwaiti citizen sustained injuries during a quarrel with another in Kabad area. According to security sources, a Kuwaiti citizen was standing in front of his livestock pen when he noticed a dog standing in front of the door. He threw stones at the dog to chase it away but the owner of the dog saw this and started arguing and fighting with the citizen. Some passersby settled the quarrel and referred one of them to the nearest hospital as he had sustained injuries. They also informed securitymen about the incident.
Source: Arab Times


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