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Innocent until found guilty; lawyer slams media rumors
August 20, 2015, 9:31 am

Attorney Zainab Al-Ramzi, the counsel to some suspects in the recent murder incident at 360 Mall, declared that the rumors circulating on the social media concerning the incident are untrue. She denounced the act of murder, and prayed for peace of the soul of the deceased and strength for his family in bearing the irreparable loss. Al-Ramzi urged the government to be more firm in dealing with the increasing number of murder cases inside shopping malls, requesting parents to be strict in monitoring their wards.

Indicating that some members of the public declare her clients, who are presumed to be innocent until proven otherwise in the court of law, as guilty of an offense when the case is still in the court, she stressed that such a move amounts to prejudice. Attorney Al-Ramzi clarified that the charges against her clients are quite different from allegations against the prime suspect, affirming that deliberate murder is different from manslaughter and self defense. She pointed out that the murder happened during a public brawl whereby the youths exchanged blows in the presence of eyewitnesses.

Al-Ramzi urged the public to desist from judging without knowing details of the incident, pledging to prove the innocence of her clients in this case at the court. 

Source: Arab Times

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