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Interior’ summons 21 media men from Alyawm TV channel
July 19, 2014, 9:04 am

The Interior Ministry has taken some unprecedented steps by summoning 21 media men from the Alyawm TV channel. This is in addition, to the warning that has been issued to the expatriate workers to expect repatriation if they don’t submit their resignations to the TV channel, reports Al-Watan Arabic daily.

The ministry’s step against the channel is taken without giving any legal reasons. This came at a time when there were news reports that ‘decisions’ were taken against those who were arrested during chaotic activities and illegal rallies.

These decisions include banning recruitment for government jobs or military service those who were arrested. MP Nabil Al-Fadhel said the files of naturalized journalists, political activists and Twitter users are on the table of the office of the Deputy Premier, Minister of Interior to prove the legality of a decision to withdraw their Kuwaiti citizenship.

He said in a press statement that these files are of some naturalized people who have done nothing good for Kuwait but harm.He added, the destiny of these citizens will be decided soon. He said it is expected that the citizenship of these men will be withdrawn and it is also expected that they will go to one of the GCC countries that will sponsor them.

He added the decision of activating the law of citizenship is taken against any person who is thought to endanger the security and stability of Kuwait. He added the law of citizenship gives the sovereignty to the country to grant it and withdraw it. If the government or the country has committed a mistake by naturalizing many people in the past, it will atone for this mistake by withdrawing the citizenship from ungrateful people who violate the law. For his part, MP Yousef Al- Zalzalah has stressed on the need to approve the law to organize the use of social networking sites to protect the society from some psychos.

He added, some people are using these sites to spread their psychological diseases by abusing other people. In another development, MP Dr Abdulhameed Dashti was recently quoted as saying the board of directors of the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation had issued a decision last year to refer any senior official of the oil companies to retirement if they have served 35 years or more in the company, reports Al- Watan Arabic daily.

He added, the decision came into effect last May and some newspapers have spread rumors that the KPC exempts some officials from the decision. In his address to the minister of oil he said it is necessary to apply the law on all without discrimination or allow all officials to reach 60 as it is approved in the labor law in the Kuwaiti oil sector.

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