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Interior Ministry cracks down on reckless drivers
January 2, 2015, 11:05 am

The Ministry of Interior has launched a comprehensive operation targeting mostly youthful drivers who use late hours in the night to drive their cars with reckless abandon, endangering themselves and the general public, a ministry press statement said on Thursday.

These young drives take advantage of distant outlying areas, especially in Wafra, to practice screeching and smoking the tires of their cars as they rev up their engines to the maximum redline causing booming noise and creating plumes of acrid smoke, said the statement.

Often they do "donut" turns (i.e. circular motions) burning rubber and puffing hard to breath pungent smoke as they try to outdo themselves in this reckless handling of their cars which are mostly jalopies unsuitable for driving, said the statement.

Up to 33 drivers have been arrested and 44 cars have been impounded, said the statement, indicating that many of the cars had their license plates removed to evade the authorities from identifying their owners.

The current crackdown on these drivers and their venues of practicing reckless driving has resulted in the discovery of a livestock pen used by them to store car spare parts including fresh tires to replace the ones they shredded in their tire smoking shenanigans, said the press statement, urging the families of these young misguided drivers to be aware of what their children were involved in.

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