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Interior Ministry says keen on safety of private security companies' personnel
April 28, 2014, 9:29 am

The Ministry of Interior has expressed its keenness on the safety of all security personnel in the wake of an armed robbery that killed two Indian guards near the Sulaibiya vegetable market.
In a press statement, the Ministry expressed its condolences to the victims of this tragic incident.

It added that the ministry's Assistant Undersecretary for Operations Affairs Major General Abdullah Al-Muhanna and the Ministry's Director-General of the Central Operations Department Maj. Gen. Jamal Al-Sayegh met with a number of officials and owners of private security companies where they lauded their complementary role in ensuring security and safety in the country.

During the meeting, they discussed taking necessary steps to protect the security personnel of those private companies and prevent similar incidents from taking place in the future.
They urged utilizing the latest technologies to ensure the safety of transferring money and valuables under tighter security measures.

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