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Interior Ministry says ready for '16 elections
November 12, 2016, 10:16 am

Director General of the General Department of Public Relations and Security Media at the Interior Ministry Brig. Adel Al-Hashash unveiled on Saturday that some 4,000 police personnel would be distributed across the country to secure the upcoming parliamentary elections slated for November 26.

Al-Hashash told Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) that the ministry is fully ready for the upcoming elections, adding that the security institution would spare no effort to substantiate axioms of democracy in the country and would take all necessary measures to ensure a smooth process for the elections.

He pointed out that the ministry has also made all preparations to ensure smooth flow of traffic and security during the election process and make sure that voters can exercise their rights at ease and select their candidates with transparency and integrity under the full supervision of the judicial body until election results come out.

Al-Hashash said that the ministry is also taking charge of spreading awareness for candidates, their delegates and voters on the traffic and security precautions pertinent to elections, in addition to making it easy for the foreign press wishing to cover the elections.

He added that preparations for setting up a press and media center equipped with the latest media means have been completed, revealing that some 20 self-service devices have been distributed at a number of co-operative societies and commercial complexes through which voters can inquire directly about their voting information and locations of the polling centers.

He also said that the ministry has prepared short messages containing the needed measures and awareness texts pertinent to legal, traffic and security measures and coordinate with the telecommunications companies to spread the awareness messages to the voters.

He concluded by saying that the ministry has facilitated a website, on the ministry's official website, for inquiry about the voting registration information, in addition to the publication of posters containing awareness messages and billboards for the candidates in all areas, intersections and main roads. 

Source: KUNA

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