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Interior Ministry to arrest all law violators
July 7, 2014, 9:19 am

The Ministry of Interior said that it will bring all those involved in the violation of law to justice in order to safeguard Kuwait's security.

Despite warnings issued by the Ministry towards law violators, a group of people gathered Saturday night, organized illegal demonstrations that committed acts of violence and chaos in Sabah Al-Nasser, said the Ministry in a statement on Sunday.

Demonstrators blocked the road, burned trash containers, attempted to destroy police vehicles and caused harm to the state's properties, the Ministry noted.

The demonstrators also threw molotov cocktails at the Central Prison, while also burning nearby trees before fleeing the scene, said the statement, adding that police were able to arrest some of those involved.

Policemen called on demonstrators at the site to stop their acts of violence that could pose danger to families living in the area, yet the groups continued to create chaos and threw rocks at the police, the Ministry said.

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