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Interior coordinates with community leaders to safeguard worship places
September 13, 2015, 10:21 am

The Ministry of Interior’s Undersecretary for Public Security Major General Abdulfatah Al-Ali and security commanders of Kuwaiti governorates held a coordinating meeting with directors of Hussainiyas (Shiite worship places) to discuss measures to protect Hussainiyas especially during religious occasions. In a press statement, the MoI’s Security Media Department stated Saturday that Maj Gen Al-Ali has emphasized the importance of immediate dealing with any suspicious person or vehicle until security personnel and patrols take the required action.

He instructed security personnel to be deferential towards people during the inspection process at the entrances of Hussainiyas. Ali also unveiled a close cooperation between the Interior Ministry and other state bodies to resolve any problem facing officials at Hussainiyas.

Meanwhile, Security Commander of Al-Asimah Governorate Maj Gen Ibrahim Al-Tarah confirmed the security agencies’ readiness to impose law and order nationwide and to retain safety of people and facilities, particularly during formal and religious occasions.

On the other hand, Hussainiyas officials thanked Maj Gen Ali and all security officials for their relentless and sincere efforts to enhance the security and stability of Kuwait.

Source: KUNA

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