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Interior ministry warns bogus, prank callers
July 17, 2015, 12:10 am

In a statement issued on Thursday, the Ministry of Interior warned those who initiate bogus calls or prank calls related to the nation's internal security that they would be held accountable for their misdeeds to the fullest application of the law. This warning comes as the ministry has logged too many phony calls by people who make these calls either to spite someone they have a serious rift with or just for fun.

For instance, the ministry statement said that a boy of 14 years of age called in a prank call to police alleging that he had seen a suspicious man hanging around a mosque with the implication that he might be ready to commit a crime. When questioned about it, the boy admitted it was all done for fun.

In another incident, a Pakistani resident handed maliciously a closed envelope to the Imam of a mosque who, when he opened it, found a copy of a photo ID of another Pakistani resident. Attached to the ID was a note claiming that the second resident was a terrorist and that he had fled the country. After bringing in both residents, police discovered that the note was a hoax and that the incident was fabricated because of enmity between the two male residents.

The ministry statement said that all legal actions were taken in these two cases and warned others not to resort to such shenanigans for ill-begotten gains. 

Source: KUNA

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