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Interior rejects proposal for residence amnesty
June 1, 2015, 7:37 am

The Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Sheikh Mohammad Al-Khalid has rejected a proposal made by the General Department for Residence Affairs to give residence law violators a grace period to legalize their situation or leave the country, reports a local daily quoting high-level security sources.

According to the source, the minister said there is no point in issuing amnesty for people who have deliberately violated the residence law.

Meanwhile, the daily said  the Interior Ministry is preparing to launch a nation-wide campaign, the biggest of its kind, to pursue violators of residence law, whose number is said to have exceeded 100,000.

The source pointed out the campaign to punish offenders coincides with a national awareness campaign which calls upon the citizens and expatriates not to shelter violators or residence law.

The daily added, the Assistant Undersecretary for Public Security at the Ministry of Interior Major-General Abdel Fattah Al-Ali is studying the situation to solve the problem of more than 8,000 detainees at police stations by deporting them to their respective countries.

This came following instructions issued by higher command to reduce the number of detainees in police stations prior to launching intensive campaigns to arrest and punish violators of residence law and stop the menace of begging for alms which coincides with the holy month of Ramadan.

On the other hand, a source at the Central System for Remedying the Status of Illegal Residents or the socalled Bedoun has said there are instructions to employ the Bedoun particularly those holding magnetic cards and those who were registered during the 1965 census thus denying reports to the contrary which had been published earlier.

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