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Interpol hunts for Kuwaiti woman in fraud of millions
April 23, 2016, 8:53 am

The Interpol is currently searching for a Kuwaiti female engineer, employed at the Ministry of Electricity and Water, due to her involvement in a number of fraud and swindling cases to the tune of KD 12 million.

Disclosing the suspect has fled to Iran, sources said more than 50 complaints have been filed against her for stealing money from several people. Sources added the suspect also collected KD 3.5 million from her family and relatives without guarantees or checks.

In a telephone interview with the daily, the suspect’s husband, whose identity has not been revealed said he does not know anything about his wife’s illegal activates, the case filed against her and her whereabouts.

The husband told the daily that he was surprised when he received the news, pointing out there is no money in the bank account of his wife and she does not own any real estate property or apartment.

He also unveiled that he hired a lawyer to handle the case of his wife, indicating he will file a lawsuit against those spreading rumors about his family. He reveal that his wife was injured in a car accident and she had a blood clot, reiterating he has no idea where she is now.

Sources went on to say that the husband submitted his wife’s resignation letter to the ministry last Tuesday, indicating the husband was agitated and annoyed while processing the resignation as no decision was taken then because of some procedures. Sources clarified the resignation will be accepted if proved the fraud and swindling acts were done outside the ministry.

According to sources, the suspect worked at the Electric Extensions Department prior to her transfer to Hawally Emergency Department and she was absent for some time recently as she suffered injuries and blood clot when she figured in a car accident.

On the modus operandi of the suspect, sources said she convinced a number of people to invest in an electricity cable extension company which she purportedly owns, promising them that their investment will double within five to six months. One of her victims who is also employed at the ministry, gave her KD 180,000 while a female close friend allegedly sold her house after getting divorced and gave the suspect KD 200,000 for the investment. Some of the victims called the woman’s brother who works in the petroleum sector but he told them that he does not see his family regularly because of his work.

One the other hand, the suspect’s colleagues were shocked by the news. One of them said the suspect is well-mannered, played important social roles and was in charge of many administrative positions.

Moreover, a security source said the suspect traveled to Iran four days ago, along with an Iranian who works with her at the Special Engineering office. The Interpol has been provided with information about the suspect and her husband will be summoned for investigation on Sunday. Sources affirmed Kuwait signed an extradition treaty with Iran and this will ease procedures for the suspect’s return to Kuwait. Sources added the concerned security bodies will ask the Central Bank of Kuwait to obtain details about the suspect’s bank accounts.

Furthermore, the suspect’s lawyer stressed that all information and news about her are just assumptions and nothing has been proven so far.

Source: Arab Times

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