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Investiture ceremony showcases ‘Leaders with potential for excellence
June 3, 2013, 11:01 am

Indian Learner’s Own Academy

The Indian Learner’s Own Academy (ILOA) formally conducted investiture at the school sports ground on Thursday, 16 May 2013.  The chief guest for the ceremony was Mr. M. Mathew, Chairman of Jabriya Indian School who increased the significance and worth of the event with his benign presence. 

It was a proud moment for the newly elected members of the senate who were invested with their portfolios, as they marched to the dias with impeccable dexterity and pride. The school band played the ceremonial tune.  The function commenced with recitation of verses from the Holy Quran followed by its translation and a prayer in English.  The National anthems of Kuwait and India were sung enthusiastically as a mark of respect and honour to respective countries.  The chief guest did the honours of lighting the lamp of knowledge on this auspicious occasion.  The school Principal, Mrs. Asha Sharma extended a warm welcome to the Chief Guest, staff members, parents and the students present at the ceremony.  She stated that Mr. Mathews is a true role model for all the student leaders for the school.  He is a trend setter and educator who started Jabriya Indian School. He is a pioneer in many fields and honoured as the first outstanding Indian from the NRI forum.  He was presented with a ‘Lucky Bamboo’ as eco-friendly gift as token of respect.

A very talented choir of the students from the different sections and classes of the school sung a group song and a beautifully choreographed semi-classical dance. It gave a spectacular view and was loudly applauded.

The chief guest in his speech shared his experiences of how he started his career and gradually reached to the heights of success.  He was gratified at the views of Mrs. Asha Sharma about him and expressed his heartfelt thanks for inviting him to the ceremony.  Mr. Mathews advised the students to be dutiful and sincere.  He added that all the students who are studying in ILOA are very fortunate to have such a resourceful school providing so many facilities to the students.  He gave a bird’s eye view of the values of admirable leadership to the student council. He asked them to be observant and to assume their responsibilities to the fullest, as the previous council did a commendable work dutifully which has become more challenging and they have to prove their caliber in this session.

The student council office bearers, along with the House wardens, House prefects and class Representatives marched towards the stage where they were adorned with a sachet and a badge by the chief Guest and the Principal.  An oath was administered by the Principal where the students promised to honour their titles by fulfilling their responsibilities and giving their best to the school.

The grand occasion came to an end with a heartwarming vote of Thanks by the Head Girl Maha Khot of Class IX. 

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