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Iran must rescind its decision over Durra Oilfield: MP Al-Enezi
August 27, 2015, 9:50 am

 Iran must respect the international treaties, refrain from provoking Kuwaitis and rescind its decision to solely develop Durra oilfield, says MP Askar Al-Enezi. The lawmaker called on the government to clarify issues related to Durra oilfield for the people of Kuwait to know the truth.

He claimed Iran is abusing its relationship with Kuwait as manifested in its decision to develop the oilfield alone. He stressed the need for a diplomatic move on the Kuwaiti side and coordination with Saudi Arabia to stop Iran’s ambitions. He said Kuwait should not, in any way, waive its legitimate right in this oilfield.

Also commenting on the issue, MP Abdul-Hameed Dashti asserted the Islamic Republic of Iran must not violate the rights of the State of Kuwait, confirming the Kuwaitis will defend their sovereignty against anyone. Meanwhile, MP Abdullah Al-Turaiji has called on Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Sheikh Mohammad Al-Khalid to investigate reports that a number of expatriates used forged Kuwaiti passports when they departed from Kuwait International Airport a few days ago. In a press conference at the National Assembly, Al-Turaiji affirmed his trust in the interior minister who, he said, is working hard to develop security services. However, he alleged some agencies and officials are not up to the task, so the ports and customs should be entrusted to people with a sense of responsibility.

The lawmaker revealed that on Aug 19, two Iraqis got out of Kuwait International Airport on forged Kuwaiti passports. He urged the interior minister to investigate the owners of these passports in order to know how these documents landed in the hands of the two Iraqis who traveled to Europe. He added that on Aug 22, five members of an expatriate family used forged Kuwaiti passports with the help of an airport official.

He said the holders of the fake passports were arrested later in a GCC country. He cited another incident on Aug 25 when a Kuwaiti helped an expatriate with a forged passport. He revealed the Kuwaiti and the expatriate were on transit in a Gulf country before traveling to Europe and then the citizen returned after that but he was arrested in the Gulf country. Indicating that these three cases were uncovered by Gulf security forces, the lawmaker emphasized the need to thank these security forces for their dedicated service not only to their country but Kuwait as well; taking into consideration the current security situation in the region.

Source: Arab Times

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